3 FAQs about Equipping an HDB Unit with a Fire Rated Door

Using fire rated doors intends to keep fire and smoke from spreading throughout a building or structure. Hence, many HDB units must use one under specific circumstances. Here is a list of frequently asked questions about equipping an HDB unit with a fire rated door.

#1 Why do you need to use a fire rated door in your HDB unit?

There are two situations when a homeowner needs to equip their HDB unit with fire rated doors. They are:

1. You need a fire rated door if your HDB flat has a primary door entry along the fire escape route.

An HDB main door within 3 metres of the nearest elevator or staircase will require a 1/2-hour fire rated door. A solid wooden door is acceptable if your main door is not more than three metres from the nearest lift or staircase.

2. If your HDB flat already has a fire rated door installed by HDB, you will need to replace it with another fire-rated door.

It is frequently the case if your main door is a double leaf, meaning it has one tiny and one large panel. In that situation, you should replace your primary door with a fire rated door.

It is also imperative to hire an HDB-licensed contractor to install your fire rated door in both situations. They will need to get HDB permission to change your HDB door on your behalf.

#2 Do you need to pay penalty fees if you fail to install a fire rated door in your unit?

You will be penalised if you do not hire an HDB-registered contractor for the job or violate HDB renovation rules or guidelines under the Housing & Development Rules 2006. You might pay a fine of up to $5,000 and additional penalties if you are found guilty of failing to get an appropriate fire rated door from an HDB-registered contractor.

#3 Are smoke detectors, door closers, and stainless steel locks required for an HDB-approved fire rated door?

The new fire rated door must have a self-closing device (door closer) and an accreditor label attached. In the case of a fire, the home smoke detector will alert you and your neighbours, allowing you more time to escape and preventing fatalities. Instead of the typical push lockset, your fire door should feature a stainless steel lock that can resist greater temperatures in the case of an emergency.

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