4 Simple Ways To Clean Your Aircon On Your Own

Your air conditioning unit is a valuable appliance for cooling your environment. Knowing how to take care and look after such a device is integral for keeping it working in the long run. However, it’s a common misconception to assume that upkeep is a daunting task. It’s a reason why some opt to pay for aircon general servicing instead.

The maintenance can be simpler than most would think. There are a few ways to perform upkeep that you can do given the right tools at hand. Without further ado, here are some of the simplest ways to clean your air conditioning unit:

1) Cleaning via air compressor

If you have a few power tools at your home, it’s likely that you have an air compressor at your disposal. If you do have one, you can equip it with a nozzle. Cleaning your air conditioning unit is an excellent alternative to a vacuum since air compressors can reach through the internals more than most vacuums. Having clean internals lessens the chance for you to look for aircon repair in Singapore.

2) Vacuum cleaning

What makes vacuum cleaning ideal is that it’s probably the most accessible way to ensure that your air condition unit is clean without paying for services. Despite not being the best choice for deep cleaning, it is sufficient enough to clean internals and surfaces without dismantling the equipment.

3) Chemical cleaning

Chemical cleaning is when you get to a point where air compressor cleaning won’t do much, and you haven’t done much upkeep in a while. Your air condition unit may show corrosive material, mould growth, and dirt build-up. However, what makes aircon chemical cleaning less preferred by many is you have to dismantle the unit yourself. Then you’ll only be able to take off parts and immerse them in the solution.

4) Replacing filter

Replacing the filter is another simple method so long as you know how to follow the method. Replacing the air filter ensures that your AC unit is performing and neglecting results in dust build-up and fungi growth.

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