4 Things My ENT Doctor In Singapore Did During My Checkup

No one wants to encounter health issues—but facing them is inevitable. Due to improper diet, insufficient exercise, accidents, genetics, or overexposure to various factors, our bodies and their numerous parts can face issues that could trouble their appearance and functionality. In my case, I encountered a medical concern that required me to see an ENT doctor in Singapore for diagnosis, treatment, and recurrence prevention.

Why Did I See An ENT Doctor, And Where Did I Find One?

A few days ago, I saw an ENT specialist or doctor due to an ear concern. I booked a consultation at their clinic since I heard a persistent ringing in my ears. I tried to ignore it, but my annoyance with the sound got the best of me. It caused me to schedule an appointment with an ENT expert to learn why I was hearing a constant ringing for a week and understand what I needed to do to eliminate it.

Finding an ENT doctor in Lion City overwhelmed and confused me. It caused me to experience difficulties while picking a physician who could assess my condition and free me from it. Fortunately, a loved one recommended her ENT specialist or doctor in Singapore and told me about her experience at the healthcare facility.

A friend in Singapore recently underwent thyroid surgery with, and I quote, a capable ENT expert that provided her with the best medical care to address her thyroid issues. After hearing how her checkups and treatment went, I decided to see her specialist, Dr Gan Eng Cern, who has a clinic at Mount Elizabeth.

What Happened On My Checkup With An ENT Doctor?

Admittedly, I was unsure what to expect from my medical screening with my ENT doctor. However, I am glad it went well and helped me address the ringing in my ears and prevent it from recurring. If you plan on seeing Dr Gan Eng Cern, here’s what you can expect from receiving a checkup from his clinic based on how my first few consultations with him went:

1. My ENT Doctor Asked Me Countless Questions

During our initial meeting, my ENT specialist or doctor made numerous inquiries about my symptoms and medical history. His questions may have overwhelmed me, but I understand how they helped him learn about my condition.

2. I Underwent Different Tests And Examinations

Like seeing an ENT expert for sinusitis or thyroid lumps in Singapore, my visit to Dr Gan Eng Cern required me to undergo various tests. These examinations allowed my specialist to make an accurate diagnosis and recommend a suitable treatment.

3. My ENT Doctor Asked If I Could Return Another Day

Unfortunately, I did not receive my diagnosis on my initial checkup with my ENT doctor. He asked me to return in two days to hear about reading and analysis since we had to wait for my test results. During my follow-up screening, Dr Gan Eng Cern said I was troubled with tinnitus due to earwax blockage.

4. I Received A Diagnosis And Treatment Recommendation

After explaining his diagnosis, Dr Gan Eng Cern suggested a treatment plan to address the condition. He scheduled an earwax removal procedure to relieve my tinnitus symptoms and gave tips to prevent them from recurring.

If you are looking for an ENT doctor in Singapore, I highly recommend Dr Gan Eng Cern due to his undeniable expertise in ear, nose, and throat issues. Check out his website to see how his knowledge and experience can help address and resolve your ailment.

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