4 Types Of Fillers In Singapore

Beauty may be in the eyes of the beholder, but only we are able to say what we feel about our own appearances. Although some may not find appearances all that important, some still do not feel content with the reflection that looks back at them. It isn’t superficial to have the desire to change a part of your face, especially when seeing the flaws causes you to spiral into a state of depression and self-hatred constantly. Beauty has a standard, making you feel awful when you can’t reach it. This is what aesthetic clinics are for! They offer particular services where they alter a part of your face to match your perfect look. Fillers in Singapore are one of the treatments provided there, and they have types that focus on specific facial features.

1. Nose Filler

Nose fillers in Singapore are one of the common types of fillers offered in an aesthetic clinic. These injectables utilise hyaluronic acid to shape a person’s nose without having to undergo surgery. This treatment helps in filling depressed areas on the nose, smoothens the bumps on the bridge of the nose, and lifts the angle of the nose’s bridge and tip if ever the customer has the desire to. This basically shows that nose fillers are meant to treat deficiencies on your nose that you are unhappy with. Some side effects occur after getting this treatment, but they subside within a day.

2. Undereye Filler

Undereye fillers are for the purpose of sculpting discoloured and sunken undereye areas with the same use of hyaluronic acid. This process works by adding volume into undereye areas that have started to sag or become hollow due to ageing. This helps uneven eyes become more symmetrical in appearance and also eliminates eye bags and dark eye circles. If you’re thinking of getting an undereye filler, it should still be worth mentioning that there are times when the colour under your eyes may be darker due to sun damage or natural complexion. The injectables cannot fix this. 

3. Cheek Filler

The proportions on our faces may look uneven to some people, and our cheeks are mostly to blame for this. If your cheekbones don’t look right in proportion to the rest of your face, this may need to be reconfigured with the use of a cheek filler. This filler is usually used for people who have tired-looking faces, who wish to undergo anti-ageing regimens, or who have a sunken appearance. 

4. Lip Filler

Lip fillers are just as popularly known as Botox in Singapore. These are for people who want lips that look full and plump instead of thinner-looking lips. With the same filler substance, lips are given more volume and can also reduce lip lines. Another bonus to this treatment is the way it helps in increasing hydration and minimises the occurrence of chapped lips. Lip fillers are usually wanted by women who find the look of fuller lips more desirable and attractive. When you are deemed attractive by others, it ultimately boosts your self-esteem.

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