5 Things You Can Do to Prevent Data Centre Overheating

Data centres generate a lot of heat due to the high power consumption. One ton of comfort cooling capacity is necessary for small to large centres. It is extremely dangerous to overheat an IT system as it can cause malfunctions. Here’s how you can prevent this from occurring to your centre.

1. Conduct manual examinations

If your automatic monitoring system fails, you have a backup plan. Frequently, you’ll need to take temperature readings in crucial places surrounding the core. In your close control unit, check if the temperature and humidity sensors work accordingly.

2. Shift excessive loads

Before the data centre overheats, it is critical to identify the problem load and put it in a lower-density rack. It is necessary to spread the excess load over a larger area to achieve the precision cooling system capacity.

3. Turn off other cooling systems

Although having a fan wall unit or CRAH in every area is ideal for containing the heat, less is more in this case. An overabundance of cooling and no mechanism to properly shut down redundant CRACs put the cooling system at risk.

4. Choose an effective cooling system

To prevent overheating in a data centre, you need more than just a cooling system and a thermostat set to maximum. An efficient precision cooling system is essential to keep it running at its peak performance.

5. Find a professional

Thousands of businesses may rely on your data centre to perform duties such as bitcoin mining and storing their data. Having a local commercial air conditioning professional on call who knows how CRAH and CRAC works is critical for this reason.

Server rooms may be kept cool and efficient with the help of precise air conditioning! CANATAL offers a precision cooling system, also known as CRAC, and a fan wall unit, also known as CRAH, that can meet the needs of data centres today. Visit Canatec Pte Ltd today!

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