Achieve A Vintage-Modern Interior Design Like Jennifer Aniston’s Home


The most effective way when decorating your home interior design in Singapore is by looking for inspiration. Seek house pegs and motifs from celebrities. Set your mood boards. Stick with your colour palette. One of the celebrities with a dreamy, modern, and visually-appealing home is Jennifer Aniston. The FRIENDS star’s home in California is a mix of both modern and vintage.

Whether a residential home or HDB, check these renovation ideas to achieve a house like America’s sweetheart.


One way to have a modern interior design in Singapore is through advanced home systems like Jennifer’s. Her home comes with an integrated home system, which can manage the lighting, security, and temperature in and out of her home.


She chose to have glass doors that allow guests to overlook her pool patio in her dining room. Aside from the views, glass doors provide natural light. Her dining room had a console table, a 250-bottle capacity wine cellar, and a long glass table. If your place has city or nature views, you may consider a kitchen renovation in Singapore and a glass wall installation.


One of her favourites is her marble bathtub inside their bedroom bathroom. Her bathroom had glass walls with a relaxing view of her walled courtyard garden. One way to style a modern interior design in Singapore is by using marble elements.


Another home interior design in Singapore to get a modern look is through hand-painted walls. Her powder room is clad in hand-painted walls in black with cream floral murals.

Jennifer Aniston has been vocal about her liking for interior design, which is why half of her interior design and idea is hers. If you plan to have modern interior design in Singapore for your home, experiment with all elements and colours. Your peg is a modern look, so there are endless possibilities you can do to style your home.

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