Advantages and Disadvantages of Email Verification Tools

Email Verification is an integral process that helps you to validate the inactive or invalid email address without sending unsolicited mail. In a recent online survey, it was revealed that nearly 30 percent of all the emails which are in the email list for email promotion are invalid or dormant because of various reasons including misspelled email addresses, temporary email-IDs, non-existing email addresses, and outdated email addresses.

The main reason behind this is that when we check the email id it usually displays the ‘spam’ label and the email does not contain the email address in its subject line. Therefore, these people who buy leads from these vendors have no idea if the email they are sending is valid or not.

Also, these leads are generally purchased very cheap and it is not worth the trouble to validate the email id unless it is necessary to send a spam message to the spammers as the sender will never put the link of a valid email address in his email.

However, there are email list verify services offered by some email marketing companies which work very hard to make sure that the email is indeed an active email. These verification services do not take the time to validate the email before they send it to the user. This means that if the email is a dead giveaway, then the user will be uninformed about the email’s validity.

In fact, these email verification services do not provide any information on the expired or removed addresses. If you ask them, the reply will always be the same – “We do not sell email addresses”. This means that they have no information about the lists of addresses they have sold to other companies.

The user will never know that the email he is checking is on any list. How can he validate the email if the company does not even tell him that the list exists? So what is the point in buying the lists in the first place?

Email Verification Services is the answer to the question of whether using a bulk email list is good for your business. First of all, the cost of this service is way cheaper than purchasing a list from email marketing companies. When you are using a single list, it means less money is spent from a marketing perspective. This also means that your email marketing campaign is more targeted and most probably more successful. There are other advantages as well.

First of all, you can get your customer’s email addresses without any restrictions. You can use bulk email lists provided by third parties. There are several reasons why you may want to buy such mailing lists.

For example, you want to use them to check whether the offers your customers are receiving are effective. Apart from that, it is also a good idea to use these mailing lists to test the effectiveness of your products. If spam emails keep arriving in your inbox, you should probably think that you are losing potential customers without realizing it.

However, you need to be very careful about the misuse of these email verification services. The main problem is when you are buying large email lists and then start sending out promotional emails and other promotional materials.

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