Aware Of The Causes Of Road Accidents

Aware Of The Causes Of Road Accidents

The pattern of world transportation routes changes slowly, but significant changes have occurred in recent decades. These changes have resulted from the growth of air transportation and the discovery of new metals and fuels in isolated regions. Supertankers and container ship’s introduction have also dramatically changed the earth’s highway systems.

The advancement of transportation has brought new challenges to the industry, including coping with climate-related extreme weather and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It has also allowed for the expansion of the world economy and spread the value of land and resources. With better access to transportation, people have more money to spend and better lives. In addition to these challenges, a lift has helped expand trade and develop warm relations between countries and cultures. But the benefits of transportation are many.

Driving can be fun or stressful depending on the purpose. Driving for the enjoyment of a vacation, or to take a spontaneous trip is a great idea. It can be frustrating if an individual gets stuck in traffic. No matter your reason for driving, the road is dangerous.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that at least a 1.35million people are killed and involved in road accidents every year. Every day, around 3,700 people die in road accidents involving cars, buses, and trucks. These numbers show that being on the road can pose a serious threat to one’s life.

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5 Causes of Car Accidents [Infographic]

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