Features Of Customer Identity And Access Management

Features Of Customer Identity And Access Management

Excellent customer service in brand promotion is always the key that many companies aspire to have. Many firms who want to give their customers the best purchasing journey usually aim to make more loyal buying regulars. In this way, they will have automatic brand promotions through these people to their circle of influence.

Because of the rapid growth of digitization of transactions, companies need to make themselves stand out from the competition to maintain authentic, seamless, and solid connections. And here comes CIAM.

CIAM, or Customer Identity and Access Management, is a trending discipline that aims to aid organizations to enhance customer experience by meeting their expectations without compromising security operations. It features some of the following advantages:

  • Manages customer identities, preferences, and profiles on a more extensive and faster scale,
  • Enables customers to self-register for services, and
  • Clients may log in, authenticate, and manage their profiles through identity verification.

All these are possible with the use of CIAM.

Features of CIAM

With CIAM, identity management tech integration in a business infrastructure is simple. An adequate system includes these features.

Centralized Customer Management and Unified Customer Profiles –

Because customers tend to check out your brand using multiple platforms, they also use different identities. CIAM allows companies to reduce the number of customers’ identities or allow a single customer online identity verification across numerous service channels. This will enable you to provide consistent multi-channel experiences for your customers and personal interactions.

Low –

Friction Authentication Process – CIAM supports the integration, use, and benefits of multi-factor authentication solutions to reduce friction from registration to login and gain access without compromising security.

Scalability –

Enterprises can use Customer Identity Access Management Solutions to provide service and product delivery support across multiple touchpoints. They also collect a lot of customer data. CIAM allows businesses to adapt to changing customer needs while providing a seamless experience quickly.

Check out the benefits of CIAM through this infographic by AuthID.


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