Get Your Desirable Lips With The Help Of Chestnut Lip Surgery

Get Your Desirable Lips With The Help Of Chestnut Lip Surgery

We all love to look beautiful, but sometimes some flaws on our face make us feel conscious about ourselves. That’s when some minor surgeries come in handy. And this lip surgery is (ปากกระจับ คือ, which is the term in Thai) minor. Also, it gives you the confidence and looks you need. But while talking about chestnut surgery, don’t confuse it with the nut itself. 

What Is Chestnut Surgery?

Chestnut is a lip surgery where you can change the shape of your lips with professional help. The doctor will help you evaluate a clear chestnut-shaped lip, or you choose a perfect shape and size according to your face. The chestnut surgery will add volume to your lips and make your lips look brighter and perfectly shaped. And if you are unsatisfied with your lip shape, then chestnut lip surgery is the best option.

What Are The Benefits Of Doing Chestnut Surgery?

  • When you use chestnut lip surgery, it changes the thick uneven lips to a more desirable look.
  • People often face a problem when they smile: the inner lip turns up while smiling. With the help of this surgery, your lips will look flawless while smiling and won’t show your inner lip.
  • It gives volume to your lips, and the chestnut shapes lips change the look of your face. It makes your face look naturally beautiful.
  • If you have an uneven lip shape, it’s the best way to make it perfect. With the help of your professional doctors, chestnut lip surgery gives a consistent look to your lips. By maintaining an ideal ratio of lip size 1:15-2

What Should You Avoid Before And After Surgery?

You should maintain some rules and regulations to make these lips surgery successful. So let’s see what those are.

  • 1 month before chestnut lip surgery, stop taking any dietary supplements, vitamins, cigarettes, alcohol, etc. These can cause blood clotting after surgery.
  • Let the doctor be aware of your allergy or medical history.
  • Avoid taking tea or coffee for at least 1-2 days before the lip surgery.
  • After surgery, eat soft food that you can chew easily. Too much mouth movement can cause problems later on.
  • Don’t overeat oily food or fast foods. 
  • Avoid pickled, spicy, or seafood.
  • Don’t touch them. Let them heal with time. 
  • Brushing might hurt your lips, try to be gentle, or you can use mouth wash. 


Chestnut lip surgery is the best alternative to get perfect-looking lips. It’s not so expensive but try to look for a better doctor than affordable ones. You need professional guidance, and it’s about your face. You don’t want to make it look worse. So, follow these steps and get your beautiful lips.

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