Hiring The Best Criminal Lawyer – The 8 Common Expatriate Crimes

There is no need to deny that settling in and being an expatriate in the Lion City can give off a rewarding feeling and be a really enriching experience for anyone. However, there are also common offences that you should be aware of in the country. Having a family lawyer in Singapore or a partner legal team can help you take action against the strict laws implemented by the state.

If you are a foreign national in Singapore, having the best criminal lawyer may come in handy in case you encounter these eight common offences. 


Drunk driving can result in a prison sentence of six months. Your family lawyer in Singapore can help mediate the punishments, either a decreased prison sentence or a hefty fine of S$1,000-5000.


If, unfortunately, you got caught using your phone while driving, you can go to prison for six months or pay a fine of up to S$1,000.


Reckless driving can lead to attempted murder, road collisions, or accidents. If you encounter this in Singapore, the best criminal lawyer can help you deal with the punishments, which can be a fine of up to S$3,000 or a prison sentence of one year. 


Whether you got caught red-handed, accused wrong, or just a plug, you will face punishments meted out by the Court. Drug offences, such as unauthorised possession or consumption of drugs, importing, or exporting, are criminal cases in Singapore, so ensure having the best criminal lawyer with you. Your punishments can range from a ten-year jail sentence, a fine of S$20,000, or the death penalty.


The act of kidnapping and robbery can also be a serious lawsuit. The prior can result in a ten-year jail term, while the latter can be punishable with 14 years.


Your family lawyer in Singapore can also help deal with charges of forgery, which is punishable by a four-year jail term and a fine.


If you are a foreign national in Singapore, having the best criminal lawyer will be highly crucial if you get charged with rape. Since it is dealt with harshly, you may face a jail term of up to 20 years, including caning and fine.


Murder is another grave crime in Singapore, and only the best criminal lawyer can help. If proven guilty, you may face the death penalty.

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