Home Furniture: 5 Aesthetic Ideas That Transformed My Place

I have spent more time inside my apartment since the pandemic started. Honestly, I got so tired of how my living space looked, making me uninspired to go about my daily routine. Suppose you’re like me, who values aesthetically pleasing imagery. And you may also want to live inside your Pinterest board. Fortunately, I found ways to upgrade my teeny-tiny apartment with home furniture in Singapore

My home renovation did not need a high budget to make the change happen! There were simple tricks that transformed my home into my desired place. If you also want to improve your place, learn some aesthetic ideas I followed to make my room Pinterest-worthy.

Home Furniture: 5 Aesthetic Ideas That Transformed My Place

I found satisfaction in making my home aesthetically pleasing. After all, I liked browsing Pinterest and Instagram for interior design inspiration. That’s when I decided to make my goals come to life. To make it happen, here are the five aesthetic ideas that transformed my place with home furniture in Singapore.

1) Invest in High-Quality Furniture

My place was small, and I couldn’t fit multiple pieces of furniture. So, I decided to invest in high-quality furniture instead of cluttering my home with unnecessary items.

For instance, I only included a bookshelf and an armchair from Singapore in my living room because I don’t usually watch television but instead read books. I only focused on the future that was relevant to my lifestyle. This way, I avoided cluttering my living space.

2) Using More Product Organisers

I liked cooking, so I wanted my kitchen to be Instgrammable. My messy kitchen was a pain in the eye to see different packaging on the counter. What I did was to use more product organisers to look more uniform. For instance, I bought a jar to put the salt, sugar, and other condiments. On top of this, I prevented using plastic packaging and opted for containers for the liquid contents.

3) Hanging Wall Arts

Hanging wall art has improved my living space! I looked for a local artist that provided me with the artwork. I preferred abstract painting because it inspired me to be creative. It also gave a different vibe because my living space feels more in touch with my personality. It also elevated the appearance of the luxury furniture from Singapore, which made my space aesthetically pleasing.

4) Wall Stickers

I got bored with the plain walls of my bedroom. It looked too simple, and there was even a wall paint cracking. Luckily, it was affordable to repaint the bedroom wall, and I elevated its appearance with wall stickers.

There were plenty of different wall stickers like letters, numbers, and even cute animals. But I made sure the stickers would be visible, so I put them on top of a TV console from Singapore

5) Decorative Lamps and Lighting

The lighting of the room affects the mood and the environment. So, I noted how I wanted my room to feel, whether an intimate night or a cosy one. Since I am an introvert and a bookworm, I looked for a lamp appropriate for night reading. The perfect night for me is reading a book with a blanket.


Improving my place is possible with the Snow Globe in Singapore! To transform your place, you can visit their website to check out their new home and luxury furniture collection in Singapore.

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