More Information About Texting Etiquette: 2022

More Information About Texting Etiquette 2022

It is undeniable that the pandemic has affected various sectors, and the business industry is no exception. Along with the heightened safety regulations are the demand for remote workers and the expansion of social media platforms.

Due to safety reasons, several companies have sent their employees to work remotely, highlighting the importance of text messaging apps for businesses.

Given that minimal direct contact helps prevent and lessen the spread of the COVID-19 disease, mobile SMS and social media have become one of the leading means of communication. Despite the constant popularity of text messaging, many people fail to follow proper texting etiquette. Organizations will need to ensure that their employees follow proper etiquette and they should consider investing in a text message archiving solution to monitor SMS and ensure that they do follow them.

Importance of Business Texting Etiquettes

The need for non-verbal communication has also raised concerns about proper texting etiquette. A recent study has shown that businesses and even consumers find convenience and ease with text messaging as their means of communication.

Today, businesses are expected to provide consumer services through text messaging. However, companies must first be informed about the importance of texting etiquette before entering the uncharted SMS territory.

Among the proper texting etiquette to keep in mind include the following:

• Provide timely acknowledgments to text messages
• Avoid confusing shorthand messages
• Confirm who the recipient is
• Avoid sending too many attachments

A single poorly delivered or inopportune text message from your business can negatively affect your image to your clients. While you can make up with a text from a friend or a family member, it isn’t the same with business partners and customers. Hence, applying proper business text etiquette is vital for all communications.

Getting a robust text message archiving solution is useful in ensuring that employees are following proper texting etiquette. Apart from this, the archiver also allows organizations to achieve text messaging compliance with relevant regulations.

Go further with understanding more about texting etiquette to keep good relationships with customers while growing your company as you check out more information in the infographic we have from Telemessage.


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