NESTA and Spencer Institute – Receive workout plans and training programs during COVID-19 situation

First detected in December 2019 in Wuhan, declared as a Public Health Emergency of International Concern on 30th March and termed as a Pandemic on 11th March 2020, all these names cater to only one virus which has proven to become one of the most contagious diseases the world has ever seen. Not even a single corner of the globe has been left unaffected by the virus.

This pandemic has hit the fitness industry very hard. Everything is shut down. The revenue generation has been almost zero, which is a major concern for all industry owners. But with the technological advancements and the trend of digitization, even the scene of personal trainers working from home to provide online fitness training to their clients.

How did COVID-19 Affect the Fitness Industry?

COVID-19 has a direct impact on the fitness industry as mentioned earlier. The complete lockdown of places and specifically gyms and fitness centers as the spread of the disease is mainly done through human touch, has brought down the revenue for the fitness industry. This has led to the fitness industry incurring great losses. But the need for fitness in this hour stands most important. Therefore NESTA and Spencer Institutes have taken a step forward to help the personal trainers and coaches to provide fitness training online to their clients.  NESTA and Spencer Institutes have taken the initiative to provide free gym kits to the trainers with online workout plans and training videos using which personal trainers working from home can in a temporary gym setup provide fitness training online to their clients. The clients can receive fitness tips, tips on what do eat during this crisis to get a stronger immunity, yoga to prevent cold and strengthen immunity, etc. Also as the holidays as going on, people can devote their extra time to learning martial arts and other forms of fitness and sports just by receiving the online classes.

This step by NESTA and Spencer Institute is a gift to the fitness industry and mankind. You can never really ignore your health as fitness is the only key to lead a healthy life. The entire mankind can just hope for this crisis to end soon and for everything to return to normalcy. There are clear indications on “how did COVID-19 affects the fitness industry”, but with companies like NESTA and Spencer, there is hope to rise again.

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