Pinball Or Capsule Machine? Here Are 4 Ways To Choose

Impose a democracy in the arcade, and you can choose between a claw or pinball machine in Singapore for the entertainment of your guests. It might not be as simple as asking everyone to vote or starting a survey to know what people want. 

In this article, let us explore ways to choose machines for your entertainment and gaming business with the consideration of your customers’ preferences. 


Suppose you went with the essentials or what every arcade would have in their shops. In this case, consider analysing the usage patterns or how frequently people use a particular machine. For instance, if the capsule machine in Singapore does not get as much exposure as the racing game, consider changing something about them. It can be the placement or the prizes inside to entice people. In short, use this information to know how and what to improve. 


There is a world of difference between an arcade basketball machine and a racing game that replicates the experience of dashing through tracks. In this case, learn how to compare and contrast machines and realise their differences at the same time. What does this mean? Remember that you are comparing white to black, and deciding can be challenging. 


When you have the time to drop by the shop or spend your time there, talk to customers. Also, you can strike up a casual conversation where you talk about the game they are playing or avoid dull questions that seem like a survey. It is up to you, so feel free to communicate with the gamers who frequent your arcade. (Tip: Survey and customer forms can be boring for them, so explore other ways to know and ask about their gaming preferences.) 


You need to know what your customers are using inside the arcade, and one way to know which arcade machines for sale to purchase in Singapore is to play the games and analyse things. It can be knowing the ins and outs of using the controls or examining the overall experience. Of course, your point of view is as important as the customers’. 

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