The 4 Primary Challenges of Virtual AGM In Singapore

The COVID-19 global pandemic has forced many businesses and industries to transition from physical operations to online to prevent the spread of the deadly virus. Schools and universities held online classes, whilst offices implemented work-from-home. Office town halls have been held online as well, but the annual general meetings of companies were more crucial. Do you want to know why a virtual AGM in Singapore is more difficult?

Here are the challenges of an AGM virtual webcast in Singapore:

1. Attendance

Attendance is crucial in an annual general meeting. All the board of directors, executives, and stakeholders should be present in the meeting. It matters because the company’s performance, position appointments, and other crucial decisions are announced in the annual general meeting.

It is hard to secure the attendance of the stakeholders in a virtual AGM in Singapore. If the majority of the stakeholders are absent, the AGM cannot proceed.

Streamlining registration and automating RSVPs and invitations can help with attendance.

2. Voting

Significant stakeholders conduct a secret voting system concerning crucial company decisions. However, it is difficult to maintain the secrecy and credibility of the voting system through video production in Singapore.

Thankfully, there are software and applications that can have a secure polling system. Some applications also allow the organisers to merge in live and online votes.

3. Security

Cyber-attacks remain one of the biggest threats, not only in online virtual production in Singapore but in any internet and intranet transactions. It is vital to maintain the security of virtual AGM, especially since the participants are considered high profile.

There are cybersecurity companies that ensure stringent security measures in the meeting.

4. Technical difficulties

Each video production in Singapore experiences minor and major technical difficulties; they are not uncommon. There can be a signal loss, electronic device failure, and many more. It can be a massive problem if it occurs during the voting as it jeopardises the poll’s credibility.

Trusting a reliable virtual production company in Singapore secures the integrity of your AGM.

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