The Dark Side Of Counterfeit Watches: Rolex Counterfeits Grade Swiss Watches

The Dark Side Of Counterfeit Watches Rolex Counterfeits Grade Swiss Watches

A Rolex watch can be worth thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars, which makes counterfeits and fakes of these watches extremely tempting to the casual buyer. After all, who wouldn’t want to save money on an expensive luxury item? Unfortunately, counterfeit watches may seem like the ideal option, but there’s a dark side to them you might not know about until it’s too late.

Quick Definition

Counterfeit watches are a big problem in the watch industry. Most watches being sold as authentic brands on the streets and in stores are counterfeit. This is because more than 90{0633069f2d0def24228071e522c0175ad5a4141378bb4080ad10840e04a36c30} of all watches currently being sold worldwide are counterfeit. Counterfeiters try to make their fake look identical to the real thing, but there will always be one or two differences between them. They may not have the same weight, they may not have the same sheen, and they may have fewer screws or fewer parts. For example, some Rolex counterfeits grade swiss (นาฬิกาโรเล็กซ์ก๊อปสวิส, which is the term in Thai) don’t have any branding on the dial at all, while some do; some counterfeit Hublots doesn’t have a date window at all and so forth.

The Most Commonly Counterfeited Watches

Rolex is the most counterfeited watch brand globally, with as many as three-quarters of all Rolex watches sold being counterfeit. This is because Rolex watches are expensive, and it is difficult to tell if a watch is real or not without extensive knowledge about its designs. Many people find it easier to buy a counterfeit rather than spend money on something they cannot be sure of.

How To Spot A Grade Swiss Counterfeit Watch?

Rolexes are a popular target for counterfeiters and with good reason. The brand’s reputation is well-known, and the average person doesn’t have access to a Rolex at an affordable price. A real Rolex will always be made of high-quality stainless steel; no matter the design, it’ll never be made of any other material. Another way to identify a fake Rolex watch is by looking at the lettering on the face. All genuine Rolexes have lettering that matches their model number – if it doesn’t match up with what you know your watch should be, then it’s not an authentic model, and this is the technique that will help you to spot a grade swiss counterfeit watch (นาฬิกาก๊อปเกรดสวิส, term in Thai) in the market.

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