The Merit Of Professional Wine Storage

The Merit Of Professional Wine Storage

Most people are unaware that wine is preserved in optimum conditions for seasoning. Those new to this world do not know the details of wine ageing or its science. That’s why people often overlook the necessity of proper wine storage (ที่ เก็บ ไวน์, which is the term in Thai).

Here comes the professional wine storage to safely store and age your wine.

Benefits Of Professional Wine Storage

There are advantages of storing wine in storage like:

  • Perfect Temperature

The most favoured storage temperature for wine ranges between 11 degrees celsius to 14 degrees Celsius. If wine is kept at warmer temperatures, it will age more quickly. It is not good as it can create unpleasant essence in the wine.

  • Convenience

Professional wine storages are available 24 hours, so grab a bottle directly from the storage whenever you feel about drinking or inviting a guest. The facilities are brilliant and comfortable. Therefore if your cellar is damp and gloomy, you should choose professional wine storage.

  • Ventilation

The wine storage place should be an odourless environment. The odour molecule can penetrate the wine over time, and air passes through the bottle’s cork. Some scents are safe, while strong scents are dangerous for them. Your wine should strictly avoid solvents and fragrant food ingredients like onions and garlic. 

In wine storage, bottles are individually padded and kept in an odourless space.

  • Light And Vibration

If you want a bottle of good quality wine, avoid moving it unnecessarily. Once you move your wine bottle into storage, it should not experience any vibration until it is ready to consume.

Light is another crucial factor in ageing wine; fine wines are kept away from light. Uv rays are harmful to the wine; they can alter the chemical. It leads to the degradation or premature age of the wine. Storage is protected with UV-treated glass doors that block UV rays or any kind of light.

  • Security

There is an investment in wine storage, but safety is important. Professional wine storage provides high-end security and a sophisticated backup system. In wine storage sprinkler system and backup generator are installed for the emergency power outage.


If the above parameters are not fulfilled, it can affect your wine’s quality and taste. So if you want to establish the best collection of quality wine, invest in wine storage. Wine storage is beautifully designed to give a gift of all the essential factors needed for ageing.

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