Things To Consider When Buying A Condo

Things To Consider When Buying A Condo

Congratulations if you have decided to purchase a condo, but buying an apartment boil down to a simple point that is your lifestyle choice. The best part about choosing a condo is that it comes with minimum responsibilities as compared to a house. You don’t need to stress about shovelling this snow or maintaining your loan. Furthermore, condos are pretty affordable compared to homes and are also available in an urban area. Once you have made up your mind that condos align with your lifestyle, you also need to consider other factors. 

If you are planning to buy, then you need to look no further as you can buy a dream condo at Condo Sathorn (คอน โด สาทร, which is a term in Thai). 


One of the most important rules of real estate is to check the location. It is quite possible that you will not live in the condo for your entire life, so you must consider the resale value in the long term. You have to ask questions like is the neighborhood likely to upswing, or are there any developments that can increase the property value or not? All these views matter a lot.

Consider The Amenities

When buying a condo in Sathorn, you need to check the amenities available. The amenities are generally the extra features that several people love today, like a party room, concierge gym, swimming pool, etc. You need to consider the amenities in your building and check if you would be able to make the most of it or not. The more amenities you choose, the more fees you need to pay for the condo, so you need to consider the amenity factor without a doubt.

The Rules Of The Condo

Condo living does not come with the freedom you get with your house ownership. There are several restrictions on the condo residence. For example, pet restrictions are pretty standard. For example, residents may be allowed to bring a smaller dog, or some dogs are also banned altogether. Without permission, you cannot even renovate your condo, so you need to check all these rules before you buy the apartment.

Consider The Size

When buying a condo in Sathorn, you need to consider the size and learn about the square footage. In addition, you have to check if your current furniture will be fitting perfectly in the new condo or not.

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