Types of Salon Chair and Which One You Should Opt For

Types of Salon Chair and Which One You Should Opt For

Every salon beauty chair is unique, which is why there are so many various types of salon chairs to choose from. Many salon owners struggle with selecting which types of chairs are appropriate for the services they provide. Most salons would benefit from having a variety of chairs that are specifically designed for different treatments. There are three main sorts of salon chairs to choose from, despite the fact that the variety of variations available continues to rise. All-purpose chairs, electric shampoo units, and styling chairs are the three types.

1. All Purpose chair

The all-purpose chair is the most prevalent form of salon chair. The versatile all-purpose chair was created with such in mind. It may be used in shampoo, cosmetics, massage, and styling thanks to its unique shape. An increasing number of all-purpose chairs are being built to work with electric wash machines. These units differ from standard wash units in that they have a multi-purpose area between the seats and the back basin. This extra area makes applying conditioner and hair treatments a breeze. Some also have an auto thermostatic mixer, which is designed to save water and energy while also being simple to operate for hairdressers because it maintains a constant temperature.

2. Electric shampoo chair

These chairs are meant to make shampooing for the stylist as simple as possible while also being comfortable for the client. There are two keys to attaining this. First and foremost, it must include features that make shampooing easier. Foot-controlled reclining seats and a leg rest, as well as changeable height and the ability to instantly modify the reclining angle as needed, are all included.

3. Styling chair

A styling chair is the last sort of chair. Styling chairs are typically thought to have the most diversity of all salon chairs because they can be custom-made to match the salon’s decor. The stylist and hairdresser can do whatever they need to do without making the customer uncomfortable, hence most styling chairs have a lower back. A three-dimensional seatback, padded armrests, and a comfortable footrest are all features of the best style chairs.

The Bottom Line

Choosing the best salon chair can be challenging, especially given the importance of the decision. Starting with the three most prevalent types of salon chairs from Omysalon and selecting one that is useful, versatile, and elegant is the best place to start.

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