Why make your child a self-learner?

Why make your child a self-learner

Being the modern form of learning, self-learning has not only replaced traditional, instructional learning but also supplemented it with some better results. Self-learning is a proven learning technique that is fast, effective and convenient. Through this, kids can learn almost anything by simply reading instruction manuals, watching a YouTube video, or a Google search. Several after-school programs in India have implemented self-learning techniques in their teaching structures that are successfully equipping kids with relevant skills helpful for their daily activities.

Advantages of self-learning techniques for a child

If you are not confident about self-learning being the best form of learning, below mentioned are some proven advantages.

● Develops strong problem-solving skills

Self-learning provides a child with the ability to identify problems and look for effective solutions all on their own. This may include some assistance from their colleagues, searching for solutions through the internet, or self-exploration. Self-learning techniques provide kids with new opportunities to learn something at their own time and pace.

Early childhood education programs have introduced several techniques in their structure that helps preschoolers develop self-learning skills from an early age. Kids learn how to look for solutions actively instead of readymade solutions brought to them. Also, they can easily learn to adapt to new changes because of the ability to learn fast.

● A stress-free learning process

The main emphasis of the self-learning method is given to the learning process rather than the learning outcome. Also, there is no need for kids to learn and complete the required content in a specific given time. They get the opportunity to learn what they want when they want and how they want. The outcome of self-learning is the internalization of content and therefore self-learners internalize their learnings more than those who opt for directed learning.

● Improvement in other skills

During the process of self-learning, a child learns various essential skills that include time management, setting goals, and self-assessment. These skills are highly important and can be utilized anywhere. Kids who are good at self-learning can develop other skills as they often need to implement a particular set of skills for learning new things.

Having a strong commitment to tasks, self-learners know how to stick to a plan until they achieve their goals. After-school programs in India that implement self-learning techniques in their learning program encourage children to focus on improving other skills alongside their academic skills.

● Learning becomes more meaningful

In kids, the will for self-learning comes from their curiosity and a personal desire to learn something new. Self-learning works better when a child has the curiosity to find out more information about something and use it for a particular purpose. In this way, having a clear purpose will enable the gained information to be more relevant and meaningful.

Also in this way, kids are inclined to search for deeper information regarding a topic as they are not just learning for the sake of learning. The association with a purpose makes learning enjoyable, leading to better results.

● Self-learning is driven by interest

When there is curiosity, learning happens naturally. This is why a great part of learning is to satisfy the level of curiosity. Kids will get to acquire more knowledge and will be motivated to learn if the drive comes from within rather than from outside sources. In this way, learning becomes an adventure and a child’s capabilities enhance each time they learn something new successfully.

Wrapping It Up

The method of self-learning is an emerging form of learning. It has emerged due to the availability of online learning resources and early childhood education programs such as Kumon. Self-learning in Kumon enables a child to learn multiple skills and techniques all by themselves and this tends to be more effective than instructional learning. To know more about Kumon’s method of self-learning, please visit the website.

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