Window Tint Films – Rules to Follow Before Applying

Window Tint Films Rules to Follow Before Applying

Window tint films are an increasingly popular way to add aesthetic value and block the sun’s glare on a car or home. With the right application, these films can significantly reduce ultraviolet (UV) light and solar heat from penetrating through the windows.

However, before you start applying your window tint, it is important to know the rules and regulations governing its application in your country. Here are some of the rules to keep in mind before applying window tint films:

Check Local Tinting Laws

Every country has its own laws and ordinances about car tinting. It is imperative to familiarize yourself with these regulations before beginning the process.

Many countries require that the amount of VLT passing through a tinted window meets their requirements. In most cases, these laws also identify specific angles from which one can measure the VLT coming from a tinted window. Failing to comply with local regulations can lead to costly fines.

Find an Experienced Installer

The installation process for car tinting in Stoke, so it’s best to find an experienced installer to apply the film for you. This person should have a working knowledge of the laws governing window tinting in your area and the right tools and techniques to apply the film correctly.

Moreover, a professional installer can also identify potential hazards, such as air bubbles or dirt, that might prevent the film from adhering properly.

Ensure Proper Window Tinting Process

Clean the Window

Contaminants, such as dust and fingerprints, can often reduce the visibility and effectiveness of the tinted window film. Thoroughly clean the window with a glass cleaner before applying the film. This is best done using a lint-free cloth.

Use a Template

Cutting the film to the exact size of the window can be difficult, especially if the window is complex or irregularly shaped. To avoid mistakes or unnecessary waste, some applicators use templates cut to the exact shape and size of the window.

Use a Squeegee

Once the film has been cut to the right size, use a squeegee to properly adhere it to the window. This tool is designed to push out all the air bubbles and dirt particles that can reduce the visibility of the tint. Slowly work the squeegee across the window’s surface while applying slight pressure to stick the window films.

Invest in Quality Film

Window tint films come in different shades and grades. Invest in a quality film to ensure that it lasts for many years. Some factors you should consider include VLT, UV protection, scratch resistance, and warranty.

Check for Streaks

Once the film has been applied, check for any streaks or blotches that the squeegee may have left behind. If any are found, use a wooden or plastic scrap, such as a card or an old credit card, to carefully remove them without leaving any marks on the film.


Investing in car tinting in Stafford can have a variety of benefits, from privacy to blocking out the sun. By abiding by the above rules, you can ensure that the window tinting is done correctly and in accordance with local laws.

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