3 Knee Injuries That May Need Surgery

Our musculoskeletal system is responsible for helping us perform even the most basic of day to day functions. When we experience problems with this system, it can become difficult or even downright painful to move. This is why orthopaedic doctors have been a godsend for people who experience pain in their muscles, joints, or bones.

Why you should care for your knees

Have you ever heard of an ACL injury in Singapore? One important part of your musculoskeletal system that you should pay attention to is your knee. Whether you’re an athlete or just an average person who likes to get around, problems with your knee mean that even the simple act of walking can be impeded.

There are some injuries that are so serious that it needs replacement knee surgery in Singapore instead of physical therapy or other treatments. Here is a glimpse at serious knee conditions that need to be treated ASAP.

  1. Avascular bone necrosis. This is a term used to describe a condition wherein a part of your knee loses its blood supply. Cutting off blood supply, avascular bone necrosis can result in the death of the bone. Treatment, which most likely requires surgery, is necessary.
  1. Arthritis. Osteoarthritis of the knee in Singapore is most commonly found in elderly folk. It is caused by the breakdown of cartilage in the joint, resulting in limited mobility and pain around the joint area. The most severe form of osteoarthritis may require surgery to ease the pain.
  1. Ligament tears or injuries. There are many ligaments in your knee that give you the full range of movement. Any major tears to these ligaments will seriously impede your movement. If it’s serious enough, you may need surgery.

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