3 Signs That You Should Bring Your Child To An Ear, Nose, And Throat Clinic In Singapore

Many things can happen to your ears, nose, and throat at a young age. Children tend to put themselves in situations that can negatively affect those three body parts. An example of this would be your child finding the idea of putting a pencil up their nostril amusing. If they put an object that far up their nose, a nosebleed can occur, and it can be alarming when you have no idea what happened. Did the pencil stab something inside? Will it bring about an infection? When things like this happen to your child, and they cannot stop themselves from crying, you can’t help but feel worried that something worse might have happened. To lessen your concerns, visiting an ENT doctor in Singapore is recommended.

Your child may complain about specific things they feel in their ears, nose, or throat, but what are the real signs that an ENT doctor should get involved? Here are three telltale signs that your child needs to go to an ENT clinic.

1. Ear Infections

Ear infection in children is one of the most common reasons a parent brings their child to the ENT clinic. This infection happens to many children during their first three years when a bacterium or virus is found in the middle ear. The usual causes of ear infections are colds, flu, and allergies since it brings about congestion and swelling inside the throat, nasal passages, and eustachian tubes. Since this is a prevalent issue that happens to most kids, it’s suggested that you bring your child to a doctor so they can give you the proper medicine to use.

2. Nosebleeds

A nosebleed happening once because your child decided to pick their nose often isn’t severe enough to be brought to a paediatric ENT specialist in Singapore. However, if your child gets nosebleeds regularly without any reason behind them, your child may need to be checked by a doctor so they can help lessen the frequency of the bleeding.

3. Snoring

Snoring is a very normal thing to do while you’re asleep. If your child snores at night, it doesn’t become anything to worry about unless it starts happening for more than several months. Their slumber will be disrupted more often, leaving them with fewer hours of sleep than the required amount for a child. There are also some instances where children stop breathing at night. You can visit an ear, nose, and throat clinic in Singapore immediately to check and evaluate your airways.

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