4 Great Tips for Picking Out the Perfect Wallpaper Design

When you first move into your new home, the first thing you notice might not be the gorgeous furniture and accessories. It might just be the design of your room! Think about how the bold colours of someone’s room stood out to you, or how the materials of the walls, floors, and ceiling appeared. These things can speak out about you as a homeowner more than you realise.

Do you know what could make a space pop? Wallpaper for your home in Singapore. Wallpaper has been a popular and classic choice for homeowners around the world, and nowadays, you can get trendy and unique wallpaper designs if you know where to look.

You can even find multipurpose and luxury wallpapers. Did you know that there’s even waterproof wallpaper for your bathroom? If you want to make a great interior with wallpaper, heed these tips.

1. Select the right wallpaper style.

Do you want something minimalist? Or how about a quirky modern design? How about something that looks rustic? You can get dozens of wallpaper styles that fit the interior of any home.

2. Make sure the colours fit with the rest of your interior.

Once you’ve settled on the style, look closely at the countless colours available. It can highlight certain areas of your room or blend in with your room elements.

3. Use it to accent your room.

For a spicier room design, why not combine different wallpapers for a unique look? Get a wall sticker design for your bedroom, or cut and style your wallpaper.

4. Pay attention to the appearance its room gives you.

Just because it matches your decor doesn’t mean it’s perfect for your room. Certain wallpaper designs can make your room appear taller or longer, others can make it look more bright and airy.

Looking for an interior wallpaper design for your home in Singapore? Check out Frekkles for great wall design ideas!

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