4 Tips to Maximise the Video Wall in Your Singapore Establishment

Creating material for a video wall for establishments in Singapore differs from creating content for other media channels. It is a distinct art form with its own set of approaches. Follow a few design principles for the material to be successful.

The enormity of the video wall commands attention. It can become a squandered opportunity if the information it holds is irrelevant. Put into action some of these content development strategies for the LED video wall in your Singapore establishment, and you will notice a


#1 Get the Correct Aspect Ratio

The aspect ratio is the most crucial factor to consider while creating materials for the video wall of your Singapore establishment. Design your graphic material as you remember the perfect display aspect ratio, and do not depart from it. You will get distorted images if you stray outside the intended aspect ratio. Furthermore, scaling the file resolution to a better image resolution than the LED board will not improve image quality.

#2 Determine the Appropriate Viewing Distance

The pixel density of the LED screen and the viewing distance will dictate how impactful the visuals should be. The substantial outdoor video walls should have bolder graphical elements visible from a long distance. You may also pass using smaller graphics since the viewing distance is lower with high-resolution indoor LED displays, like a backdrop for Singapore establishments.

#3 Captivate Users with Motion Graphics

People turn their heads when they catch anything out of the corner of their eyes, especially from an LED video wall in a Singapore establishment. Employ motion graphics rather than static visuals, if possible. A moving picture will always attract more attention than a static one, which is the primary purpose.

#4 Exploit the Colour Spectrum in Your Content Design

Direct-view LED panels provide a high contrast ratio, brilliant colour performance, and high brightness levels. Prevent washing out your photographs or video by using high contrast in your material. Contrasting colours make distinguishing between the foreground and background more straightforward, even from a distance. The colour contrast between graphical elements does not have to be as sharp as white on black.

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