4 Simple Ways You Can Do to Learn Korean Language Fast!

Learning Korean does not have to be too difficult for many. It should be fun and motivating because, after all, learning a new language is one of the best things you can give to yourself! The gift of learning is a priceless possession that you can apply to your daily life. The faster way to learn Korean in Singapore should not be too time-consuming.

So, what is the fastest way to learn Korean? Each learner has their own unique preference and method to learn the language quickly and effectively. Nevertheless, there are many proven ways to make learning easy with these helpful activities and suggestions to follow:

Take Advantage of Konglish

There’s a union between the English and Korean languages. If you want an effective way to learn the Korean language on your own, you might want to take advantage of Konglish. Konglish results from the union between these two languages, which uses Korean words similar to or the same as the English word. For example, a pencil in Korean would be ‘yeonpil’—which sounds quite similar. Konglish can make learning simple and fun since the pronunciation wouldn’t totally appear foreign to you, especially if you’re well-versed in English!

Break Down Words Into Simple Parts

Another helpful way to learn the Korean language is to break down the words into more digestible, simple and easy-to-understand components. You might end up figuring out a number of new words, which can help expand your vocabulary. For example,  let’s look at harabeoji (which translates as grandfather). Abeoji is the base noun for the word ‘father’ in the Korean language. It may not be the easiest. But it becomes gradually less difficult the more you practise and do it.

Use Flashcards When You Practise

Another quick and easy way to learn Korean is to use flashcards. Using flashcards in your study routine provides an efficient way to learn and build an excellent foundation. Not to mention, flashcards can help you make connections and stimulate your memories, which is why they are often frequently used when learning new things.

Master the Korean Alphabet

The Korean alphabet (Hangul) is one of your earliest foundations to get an easy grasp of the Korean language in the long run. As a student, investing your time to learn the Korean alphabet is what you can do to accomplish with your time to connect things you know between English and Korean.

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