Security Services In Singapore – 5 Must-Have Security Accessories For Stores

Stores are indeed hot targets for theft and other crimes. As a response, business owners equip their shops with security services and accessories in Singapore, helping deter and prevent crimes. What are these security tools?

Here are the common security services and accessories you can use for your shop:


Closed-circuit television, or simply a CCTV system, is a video surveillance tool that helps monitor multiple areas in one place. It uses several CCTV cameras installed in different places, video recording real-time events in the areas of their scope. The cameras transmit the live feed to a control room where the footage is previewed in real-time.

Among the different types of CCTV cameras are:

  • Dome camera
  • Bullet camera
  • PTZ camera
  • C-mount camera
  • Wireless camera
  • Day/Night camera

A CCTV installation in Singapore is an effective deterrent to crimes. Although it does not immobilise criminals, it records the criminal’s face clearly and the illegal act they did in the store. This footage is enough to identify the hoodlum and use it as evidence in court.

Installation location is crucial when equipping your store with CCTV cameras. The best locations for cameras are:

Point of sale/register/cashier

Entrances and exits


Stockroom/supplies room

Parking area


Stores should also get an auto gate in Singapore for their warehouse or stockroom. Auto gates automatically open and close using a device, such as remote control, RFID card, or biometrics. People without access cannot open the gate.

Meanwhile, digital locks are for doors. Like an autogate in Singapore, it uses a passcode, RFID cards, biometric access, or remote control to unlock. Unauthorised strangers cannot simply pick these locks with a hairpin.

Keeping regular digital lock and auto gate repair and maintenance in Singapore ensures 24/7 protection. Never neglect maintenance care.


A convex mirror in Singapore is one of the cheapest security accessories out there. A convex mirror provides an expansive angled view of the shop. Staff can see what is happening on the other side of the aisle through the convex mirror without having to move from their position.


These are pieces of equipment placed at the entrances and exits of the store. It sounds an alarm when a product with a security tag still on it passes through an EAS device.

Only the staff can remove the product’s security tags once the products have been purchased at the register. Therefore, purchased items do not trigger the alarm. A shoplifter with stolen items will trigger the alarm.


Display locks are also one of the cheapest security accessories in the market. It is a tool that shop owners place at the peg hooks, securing the items hanging up. The merchandise can only get off the hook when the staff removes the lock.

Glass displays also have built-in locks. Jewellery stores mostly use these displays. The person with the key can only open the display and get the items inside.

Are you a store owner? If so, you need these security services and accessories in Singapore.

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