5 Myths About Skin Sensitivities, Facial Products and Treatment

Most women forgo the use of many products, even receiving facial treatment from a renowned aesthetic clinic in Singapore, due to having sensitive skin. However, skin sensitivities do not necessarily mean that they should not care for their skin. Here are five misconceptions most have about sensitive skin.

#1 It is due to allergens

Reactions can be caused by allergies, although they are not the same as sensitivities. Sensitivities develop as our skin barrier weakens. Stress, incorrect washing, exfoliation, UV exposure, hormone fluctuations, and even pollution can all contribute to this.

#2 People with sensitivities have dry skin

Sensitivity can affect any skin type. Dehydration affects every skin type resulting from a compromised moisture barrier. Even if you have oily skin, it is critical to drink lots of water and maintain a regular skincare regimen that includes a moisturiser.

#3 Dramatic skin reactions are due to sensitivities

Some people are hypersensitive to everything, but other sensitivities are due to stress or hormonal changes. Even simple symptoms indicate that your body does not agree with something. Look into facial promotion offers first to ensure minimal skin reactions.

#4 You cannot wear perfume if you have sensitive skin

It is partially true since perfume is a common trigger among sensitive people. Other triggers for sensitivities are dyes and other common skincare ingredients. It is better to avoid products that contain perfume if you suffer allergies and discomfort.

#5 Avoid regular skincare products if you have sensitive skin

It’s a fallacy. It is critical to use a decent cleanser, tone and moisturise since poor washing can diminish barrier function. However, you don’t have a lot of options on the pharmacy shelves. There are also facial treatments offered for sensitive skin by aesthetic clinics in Singapore and overseas.

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