Safe Keeping Storage: 4 Things You Should Store In Your Self Storage

Having safe keeping storage is indeed helpful to you, especially if you have a lot of belongings. However, there can be a few issues as well. For instance, you need to sort all your items and determine which ones you should keep in your self storage unit and which should stay at your home.

After all, you don’t want to get back and forth to your storage company to get all the things you always need and keep the unnecessary ones within your arm’s reach.

Here are the things that you need to keep in storage companies:


There are two kinds of decors: timeless decors and seasonal decors. Seasonal decorations are decorations and ornaments you only have once or twice a year. Christmas trees, garlands, and twinkling lights are examples of seasonal decorations because you only use them during Christmas.

Skeletons, jack-o’-lanterns, and other Halloween ornaments are also an example of seasonal decors. Since you don’t use these decorations until the season, it is better to keep them in a storage unit.


Although some people own equipment, it does not mean they are sporty enough to use them more often. For example, if you own golf clubs but only go golfing twice a year, those clubs should be in self storage.

It is also the same with your scuba gear, surfboards, kayaks, and skis. So if you have sporting equipment but rarely use them, you should start googling ‘storage space near me’.


The same with seasonal decorations, there are clothes that you only wear during specific seasons. For instance, you only wear Halloween costumes during Halloween. You only use padded jackets, winter boots and mitts when spending white Christmas abroad. Some formal dresses and suits only call for formal events, which, to some people, are rare.


Storage companies allow small vehicles in their unit as long as they have empty fuel and oil tanks; otherwise, they are at risk of combustion. You can store vehicles you rarely use, such as bicycles, motorbikes, jet skis, speedboats, engine-powered dinghies, and ATVs. Remember to ask about your storage company’s policy regarding vehicle storage.

Which stuff will you keep, and which will hit your storage space? Use these tips when sorting out your belongings before delivering them to your safe keeping storage.

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