5 Red Flags When Buying Affordable Smartphones

Despite the popularity of the iPhone and Samsung, many are still looking for affordable smart phones.Fortunately, there are smartphone manufacturers that offer cheap phones on the market. Moreover, people can opt for second-hand and refurbished smartphones that are more affordable, too.

But people must be extra careful when purchasing affordable smart phones. Here are the red flags with cheaper phones:


Several factors affect the cost of a smartphone. These factors are:

  • Brand name
  • Unit model
  • Market competition
  • Smartphone condition

For example, expect a brand-new and latest iPhone to be super expensive, while brand-new and the latest lower-end smartphones are cheaper.

But if you see a brand-new and latest iPhone or iPad in Singapore with an extremely lower price than its average cost in the market, be vigilant. There is a high chance that it is a knockoff phone.


Have you been offered affordable smartphones on the streets or roadsides? Avoid these sellers. The phones they sell could be stolen. These phones could be authentic and cheap, but you may face legal cases when you purchase a stolen item.

Only buy a smartphone or MacBook Air in Singapore from outlet stores and authorised resellers online and offline. You can guarantee that their products are genuine and brand new.


When you are buying affordable smartphones from a reputable seller, it is protocol for them to test your chosen phone in front of you. They will test the charger, speakers, and audio jack. They will let the customer inspect the smartphone, too.

It is a red flag if the seller refuses to test the phone in front of you or does not even open the box. The phone can be fake, broken, or stolen. Avoid these types of sellers when buying a phone or even an iPad subscription service.


Yes, the affordable smart phones you are testing are working except for one problem: the phone is locked. Many phone providers and manufacturers incorporate a lost phone feature on their products.

The owner can lock their phones by accessing their smartphone’s account on another device and turning on anti-theft mode. The only way to get past the anti-theft lock is to input the correct passcode or password.

If a seller sells you a locked iPhone or iPad in Singapore, there is a high chance that it is stolen or found but not returned to the owner.


Most smartphones today are fast charging. When the brand new phone you bought at an affordable price charges slowly, it means that either the phone or charger is fake.

Always test the charging mode of a smartphone before buying them from a store. This way, you could avoid cheap knockoffs.

Remember, cheap phones do not always give value to your money. Most of the time, they are worthless.

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