5 Ways Social Media Can Help You Learn Chinese

People spend most of their time on social media, including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. At home, you can see that almost all of your family members hold their phones throughout the day. It’s a new way of living, so why not make it more productive by learning the basic Mandarin course in Singapore through the usage of social media.

If you’re wondering how it can be possible, let this article show you how social media can help you learn.

  1. Watch YouTube Tutorial Videos

YouTube Videos are free, and you can watch various videos on different topics from grammar to pronunciation. YouTube accounts like Learn Chinese with ChineseClass101.com have weekly uploads that can help you with your online Chinese course.

  1. Join Facebook Groups 

Another way to improve your Chinese communication skills is to join Facebook groups. You can talk with other learners or native speakers in these online communities. Perhaps, you can even find your Chinese tutor for adults in Singapore in these groups.

  1. Follow Helpful Twitter Accounts

You can also follow Twitter Accounts to refresh your knowledge about the Chinese language. Some users post daily and introduce their followers to new words. For example, you can follow @FluentUChinese, which tweets helpful tips for people who want to pass their AP Chinese level.

  1. Reconnect With Native Speakers

You can also use your social media to reconnect with native speakers by adding them on Messenger. Once you befriend them, you can let them tutor you in improving your Chinese skills. They can even help with your assignment in the Chinese language centre in Singapore.

  1. Change Social Media Settings

You can also change the social media settings to your target language. For example, on Facebook, you can change it into Chinese so you can read the options in Mandarin. This way, you can get familiar with more Chinese words.

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