6 Things To Not Forget When You Get A Long Term Car Rental

Getting a long term car rental in Singapore has become commonplace over the last few years. You cannot blame many people for taking advantage of this opportunity since leasing is cheaper than buying an actual vehicle.

The responsibilities are also much lighter because people who will rent a car are only temporary owners until their long term car rental agreement ends. But even if that is the case, renters should not forget what they must do while leasing the car.

1. Always Use Seat Belts

It is still against the law to drive without a seatbelt, whether you plan not to wear it or not. You need to pay S$120 and receive three demerit points. If that becomes 24 within 24 months, your driving licence will get suspended.

2. Never Lose The Keys

No matter what happens, do not use the keys of the rental car in Singapore. In most cases, car keys are not part of car insurance coverage, so you will need to pay for them to get a replacement.

The average cost of a lost or missing car rental key is around S$200 to S$400, depending on the car model you are renting.

3. Do Not Connect To The Bluetooth

Even though the duration of your car rental in Singapore will end in the next two to more years, connecting your smartphone to the vehicle’s Bluetooth can put your personal information at risk. The succeeding people can see your details if you forget to reset the Bluetooth device and clear its history.

4. Remember What You Bring Inside The Vehicle

Whatever you forget to take with you when you return the rented car will be discarded. To avoid this, perform an interior inspection before returning the vehicle to the rental company.

5. Take Note Of The Return Date

Sooner or later, you will have to return the vehicle you got via long term car rental unless you decide to purchase it at the last minute.  Every time you miss returning the car rental in Singapore, you will have to pay a daily rate as a penalty fee in addition to the overall cost of your car rental fees.

6. Record The Car Condition Upon Return

Any damage made during the duration of your lease goes to your out-of-pocket expense unless you avail of car insurance. The car rental will charge you to pay for the repair and replacement needed.

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