Bagging The Best Lorry: 5 Tips For Renting A Commercial Vehicle In Singapore

Lorries are one of the most common automobiles used for commercial purposes besides a van, tractors, or car-derived vans. If you run a business that operates due to transport, delivery, and the like, consider getting a commercial vehicle in Singapore. Whether short distance, small household moving, or long drive haulages, having your own personal lorry can save you considerable costs in the long run.

Whether brand new or used, a commercial vehicle in Singapore can significantly benefit your business. Here are some tips to help you bag the best lorry:


Like a full-size or mini bus in Singapore, a lorry has variations too. Generally, the smaller sizes are best for non-professional car licence types and can accommodate a 3.5-tonne weight. However, if your business needs a larger one, say you deliver furniture pieces or household appliances, a large lorry is more suitable, as this typically ranges around 10 to 26 feet.


When getting a commercial vehicle in Singapore, also consider the driver. Ensure the lorry is easy to drive and comfortable enough to use. Check if the truck runs under manual or automatic transmissions. Also, it helps if you let your driver get cosy with the wheeler you’re planning to rent. Allow them to practice manoeuvring and driving the lorry, empty and loaded.


Insurance is one of the crucial factors you should check and consider when buying or renting a commercial vehicle in Singapore. It can cover more than just the lorry and liability. Auto insurance can also include expenses in emergencies, such as an accident or damage.


Given the options you can find on Google nowadays, it is best to score the best commercial vehicle provider in Singapore with the best rental rates. Make a list of all the companies that grabbed your interest, canvass, ask what their rates are, and compare. Generally, renting a lorry on weekdays is much cheaper compared to weekends.


Most commercial vehicle providers in Singapore allow clients to tour around the shop and conduct a walkthrough, enabling them to inspect and assess the condition of the vehicle prior to signing the contract and finalising the agreement. When checking the lorry, be keen on the interiors and exteriors, such as windshield glass, tires, steering wheel, and the like.

Your business can benefit from renting a commercial vehicle in Singapore, whether for one-way routes, in-town transport, and the like. Consider this list if you’re getting a lorry for your business!

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