The Mummy Guide: Are Enrichment Classes In Singapore Really Necessary?

There is still debate about what appropriate age children should start studying. Some enrol their children in enrichment classes in Singapore as early as three years old, while others go straight ahead to kindergarten at six.

Unlike kindergarten, enrichment classes are purely optional. They are not part of the formal education system, but it does not mean they are useless. Enrichment classes help your toddler’s development. But are they necessary?

Here are the reasons why baby classes in Singapore are worth your investment:

1. It helps children to find their interests.

Enrichment classes from a learning centre in Singapore have tons of activities which can pique your child’s interest at an early age.

For example, their dance classes can awaken your child’s passion for performing, while lego bricks can kindle your son or daughter’s interest in engineering.

It all depends on what activities they enjoy the most. The good thing? Children can try every activity and decide whichever excites them the most.

2. It prepares children for school.

Besides discovering their interest,  baby classes in Singapore prepare your child for school. For example, the activities train your child to follow instructions. They also teach them to focus on the tasks at hand.

If the child shows eagerness to sit through activities and learn new skills for hours, then it must be a sign that your child is ready for school. If not, enrichment classes can help your child to transition from play to study mode.

3. It prepares them for socialisation.

One of the specialities of a learning centre in Singapore is the right brain training. Socialisation is the foundation of this training. To illustrate, right brain training helps develop your child’s communication with other people, emotional expression, and intuitiveness. These are the cores of socialisation. Children who have taken enrichment classes usually blend well with their classmates on the first day of class in kindergarten.

4. It trains independence.

Besides dancing, arts, and other activities, enrichment classes also train independence. They teach them how to tie their shoelaces themselves, mend themselves when using bathrooms, clean their play area after the activity, feed pets, and guide new kids in the class.

Enrichment classes in Singapore are necessary for preparing your kids for life. They will bring the life lessons they learned from the classes to their adulthood.

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