Career And Counselling: How Can Career Consultants In Singapore Help You?

As a student, how do you feel about graduating? Does finding a job sound daunting to you? How do you deem the profession you were aiming for before? Are you still considering the dream job you wished for when you were still a child? Are you unsure of what you can do with your major? Does it seem like everyone, especially your friends, has it together? But you, you don’t know where to start yet. If yes is your answer to all these questions, you will need the help of career consultants in Singapore.

When attending some team coaching programmes in Singapore, one thing you should know is that you are not alone. It’s not just you. According to a study by Harvard Business Review, most young adults these days have no goals or vision for their career paths. Most of them no longer have clear or straightforward directions compared to the previous generations. Thus, it results in struggling with finding work.

To help you score a career that suits exactly your wants and can meet your needs, here’s all you need to know about career consultants in Singapore.


The primary role of career consultants in Singaporeis to help you seek and understand your professional path. They will provide advice about training, career progression, the reality of working in the professional world, what it is like working with professionals, and the range of employment options aligned with your degree.

As career consultants in Singapore, they are responsible for figuring out the right career fit for you, helping you discover your professional path, practising your networking, and enhancing your interviewing skills. They can also help you with your career search or career change. Generally, you can find these licensed professionals working privately, in a university, in your community, for the government, or at local universities.


The counselling sessions of career consultants in Singaporeare dynamic. They can cater to all ages, whether you are a high school student, still in college, or a professional already working. Their services, which sometimes include team coaching programoptions, could involve a wide variety of things. They could use personality development tests, skills assessments, one-on-one or sit-down conversations, or anything under the sun to help you figure things out.

Career consultants in Singapore can help you find a career that fits your:

  • College degree
  • Previous career experiences
  • Interests, skills you’re good at, values, or languages you know
  • Desired work-life balance
  • Lifestyle
  • Your age
  • Salary needs


Nowadays, finding career consultants in Singapore is convenient and quite accessible given the massive number of smartphones, technological advancements, and the power of the internet these days.

Here are some other options when looking for career consultants in Singapore:

  • You may start by asking some friends, family members, relatives, colleagues, or professional acquaintances who have sought the help of career consultants in Singapore. They could provide you with helpful connections.
  • Second option: Check the authorised private counsellors, registered organisations, or licenced career consultants in Singapore through the Ministry Of Education (MOE). However, you must know that working with a private counsellor would be more expensive than through your college.
  • Lastly, try to ask around the campus. Every educational institution has counsellors. You may want to ask them or your career services centre for suggestions. They can connect you with external career consultants in Singapore that provide the same service or session they offer. You may also reach out to some peers and former students from your school.


If the points listed above still do not motivate you, allow these five reasons why working with career consultants in Singapore can help you big time:


As a student, not knowing where to start and which job is for you can seem horrifying. Choosing a career is a commitment, so try to avoid making hasty decisions about this. When you don’t know which way to go, then seek the help of career consultants in Singapore. Career counsellors can help you in various ways possible to determine which profession is appropriate for you. They can perform personality tests, career aptitude tests, and interviews to discover your strengths and weaknesses.


One of the perks of career consultants in Singaporeis discovering your goals. Your career counsellor can help determine and set short- and long-term goals that help you pass through various stages of your career journey. With your weaknesses and strengths, your counsellor can help you set achievable goals and provide support.


Career consultants in Singaporehave extensive knowledge regarding various career paths. They can provide endless opportunities to know your lifestyle, profession, and personality. A career counsellor can also help you explore the careers that can meet your needs, set your professional goals, and find which options could work for you without sacrificing your time with your family.


One of the advantages career consultants in Singaporecan do for you is the ability to open up your career opportunities. A career counsellor can bring several options and choices to the table for you. They can assist you with preparing your career documents, sending out job applications, creating business plans, and choosing which companies best suit your skills while working through the stresses and setbacks of your academics. With a career consultant, you can expand your career paths and meet numerous opportunities, even the ones you didn’t know were possible.


More than anything else, the best benefit you can gain from working with career consultants in Singaporeis the ease of career anxiety. Having someone, in this case, a career consultant, with you along the way to provide the utmost support, boost, and confidence is all you will ever need. When you feel stressed or do not know where to start, your career counsellor can be there for you. One of the many tasks of a career counsellor is providing reassurance and a realistic point of view. They can help you grow, be better, and build confidence helping you towards your career journey.


It is crystal clear that career consultants in Singaporeare worth it. It has surprising benefits for people looking for jobs, whether they are changing careers, graduating, or planning to apply for their first job. As a student, there is really no need to rush things, but it is still better to have a career consultant to guide you and plan ahead of time.

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