Choosing your Best Dental Implants Types

Choosing your Best Dental Implants Types

Loss of teeth can be an embarrassment to anyone, and they even lose their confidence to laugh or smile freely. Moreover, it could compel people to change their diet to eat softer food. Now that could alter the diet balance and led to further health complications and health disorders.

Dental implants Cypress TX are a full-mouth restorative choice for individuals who need to have already lost teeth. A dental implant is considered a long-term solution as it also involves operating on the prosthetic roots. It helps in reviving the complete functioning of dentures. The process can help greatly in preventing further deterioration of jaw bone.

These kinds of dental implants replace missing tooth roots, giving clients the stability and strength, they need to eat all of their favorite meals without having to struggle to chew. These types also help to stimulate and preserve jawbone, which helps to avoid bone loss and support face features.

What are implants?

Pure titanium is used to make implants. They are quite tiny and can fit into your bone beneath the gum line to function as conventional tooth roots. They are customized to match your specific needs and can also be used for customizing tooth loss options.

Here we can go through the various varieties you must choose from, as now you have a little better knowledge of what all they are.

Varieties of dental implants

There are 3 common varieties of dental implants to select from:

  • Endosteal
  • Subperiosteal
  • Zygomatic.

Endosteal is one of the safest and also most common, which is followed by subperiosteal. The last one is zygomatic, which is the most complex and also rarely used.

1. Endosteal implants

The most prevalent dental implant types are endosteal implants. The majority of patients can benefit from them, but the post must fuse to a strong and healthy jawbone. They have a screw-like form and are used as placeholders. They will be implanted into your jaw where the artificial teeth are going to be placed.

After completing the therapy, it takes a certain amount of time to healthe wound. It takes time for the components to fit together and form a solid foundation.After the wound has healed, your false teeth are attached to the post to blend in with the existing teeth.

If you do not like the idea to have anything inserted into the jawbone, you could prefer the next most common implant.

2. Subperiosteal implants

These are not drilled deep into the bone. They are positioned below the roots of the gums, just above the jaw bone.  It is the type of implant that is commonly used in place of endosteal implants, where the jaw bone will be drilled.

The metal frame is drilled into the jaws through the gums, but the gums heal after some time to add rigidity to the metal frame. The process is completed by fixing the prosthetic teeth on the metal frame.

This method is only utilized if the patient’s jawbone is lacking for implant placement or if the patient simply doesn’t wish to undertake extensive oral surgery to build bone in the area.In case this can apply to you, then perhaps the next implant may suit you much better.

3. Zygomatic implants

Zygomatic implants are considered to be the most uncommon dental implant type accessible. It is a very difficult treatment and should be performed only if you do not have enough jawbone to support an Endosteal implant.

Rather than the jawbone, the implant is put in the cheekbone of the patient.

Am I the right candidate for such dental implants?

At Cypress TX dental implant, you will be evaluated by the experienced orthodontists to evaluate for your dental implant surgery by looking at the following:


If your tooth is lost, the bone around it starts to degenerate. A specific amount of bone must be present so that it can be posted to fuse with it. There may not be sufficient bone to undergo dental implant surgery if you were missing your tooth for a long time.

A CBCT scanner is used to determine this. This cutting-edge technology provides us with a three-dimensional image of both your mouth and jawbone, allowing us to assess your bone quantity. Doctors will proceed with your tailored treatment plan if you have got enough bone.

Doctors can typically undertake a bone grafting treatment if you do not have sufficient bone for your dental implants. This therapy can aid in the regeneration of bone and tissue in your body. You can proceed with the procedure once you have got enough bone.


Adults who have completed their growth and development are the best candidates for dental implants.

You or your young child may have to wait till your facial features have grown if you are too young. For girls, this is about the age of 16, while for boys, it is almost 18 years of age.


Dental implant surgery, like most procedures, necessitates good oral as well as general health. If you have diabetes, gum disease, or if you are a regular smoker, dental implants will not be a feasible option for you.

Rest confident that experienced dentists will assess you individually and, if necessary, collaborate with your physician for finding a solution.

Orion Dental Specialties is one of the best dentists available in Cypress TX can offer dental care, which is designed to meet all on 4 dental implants and ensure your smile stays healthy and beautiful.

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