Heat Pumps and Air Source Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps and Air Source Heat Pumps

Many people have this common question when they hear about the heat pumps for the first time or other, can a heat pump make the whole house cool? So, the answer to this is yes. A heat pump is known as one of the leading HVAC technologies that are available for both the system in your house i.e., heating as well as cooling of your house. It also mostly depends on the type of heat pump that you have installed at your home, and with that, you can even do a precise temperature control i.e., room by room. Another common question that pops up is, how do the heat pumps work? So, one of the things that you should know about the heat pumps is that it is also called ductless air conditioner. You can even call it mini-splits.

Air Source Heat Pumps –

You should look for a guide to heat pumps and find the best contractor if you want to know more about the heat pumps. Heat pumps control the climate inside the house by extracting and transferring the heat in the air. But there are different kinds of heat pumps and they do it in a different ways. Since there are different kinds of heat pumps, let’s look at the air source heat pumps. This type of pump is commonly called an air-to-air heat pump. You can assume how it works. It transfers the heat from the air inside your home to the air that is outside your home and vice versa. The air source heat pump is made of 2 main mechanisms which work like a cycle – an outdoor condensing unit -that looks like the traditional AC system and – an indoor air managing unit.

Air-to-Air Heat Pumps –

If you check about the heat pump systems, you will know that one of the categories is the air-to-air heat pump is most common in the US. So, when you see people installing the heat pump, it means the same one. One of the easiest kinds of heat pump to install and maintain is the air source heat pump. It provides lifetime value and excellent comfort. Another reason for the popularity of the air source heat pumps is that they come in both ductless and ducted types or versions. The way the heat pumps handle the air inside the home – is the major difference between the two i.e. (ducted and ductless). The outdoor condensing unit is used by both systems.

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