Guide To Identifying A Drug Addict

Guide To Identifying A Drug Addict

When a person is an addict to drugs or alcohol, it is not just he who suffers. Rather, his whole family and friends are at the receiving end of the physical and mental trauma. Sometimes, substance abuse becomes the reason for the breakdown of family and marriage. Substance abuse has a significant impact on parenting pattern.

It is reported that children whose parents or either of the parents was addicted to substance abuse showed many negative traits like lack of confidence, inability to trust and build healthy relationships, etc. This makes quitting addiction more important if not for you, but for your children’s and family’s sake.

However, quitting addiction is easy said than done. When a person becomes addicted to some substance, the body becomes dependant on it and when there’s a sudden halt to the consumption of that substance, the body reacts. These reactions are called withdrawal syndrome. The best way to deal with addiction is to get access to a rehab centre.

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Signs of Drug Abuse or Addiction

Here is a list of symptoms that drug addicts reflect:

1. Physical symptoms like persistent itching in a specific area.

2. Slurred speech.

3. Pulling down the sleeves to hide the marks of syringes.

4. Regular sniffling.

5. Shabby appearance. Long-term drug abuse begets a lack of hygiene in a person. Not only the clothes and hygiene, but the person also loses his appetite and significant weight.

6. Paraphernalia like pipes, rolled up notes, cut straws, etc are also indications of drug abuse.

Drug abuse is always bad and the person addicted to drugs must be given expert attention.

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