Have a Look at the Process to Become a Sissy

When gender roles were more clearly defined a generation or two ago, a guy didn’t want to be considered a sissy. It meant that men were pathetic weaklings who failed miserably at being macho at a time when masculinity was the ultimate ideal for all men.

In today’s climate, where masculinity is viewed as toxic and dangerous rather than virtuous and heroic, some men are going to great lengths to acquire the title of sissy. They willingly subject themselves to sissification, a methodical process of physical and psychological self-emasculation. To become an amazing sissy, and one must take training in Sissy in Chastity.

  • How Sissification differs from transgender – Sissification differs from transgender in that it is believed that choice is involved in both becoming a woman and reversing the process. Sissification is highly misogynistic since it implies that acting like a woman is weak, sad, and embarrassing.

Various types of transformations to become sissy-

  • To become a sissy, one must undergo both physical and mental transformations. Cross-dressing, leg-crossing, laser hair removal, wearing makeup, utilizing feminine cosmetics, and sitting down to pee are all part of the physical metamorphosis. It also entails adopting typically feminine demeanors such as swaying their hips, arching their spine, and stepping delicately. It can also include feminine hormone injections and possibly sexual reassignment surgery if pushed to the extreme.
  • The psychological transition entails the complete annihilation of a man’s male identity. Sissification also entails mind control via sensual hypeosis, in which the sissy-in-training watches videos glorifying the process of worshipping enormous cock. Men are taught that prostate stimulation, rather than penile stimulation, provides sexual fulfilment, and that they can get sissy by sitting on dildos or being fucked in the ass.

Aspirant sissies are gradually brainwashed into eroticizing sexual humiliation and mocking of their manhood. As phrases like anyone can be a female flash across the screen. While becoming increasingly sexually drawn to alpha males and their monster cocks, the would-be sissy grows to despise all things submissive and feminine.

It’s not surprising that some guys acquire mental health issues as a result of pursuing a sexual identity based on shame and self-hatred. It should thus come as no surprise that, in a culture that preaches that masculinity is inherently destructive; many men seek atonement and praise by fleeing their manhood.

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