How To Create A Statement By Wearing A Rolex For Men?

How To Create A Statement By Wearing A Rolex For Men

There is nothing more stylish than owning a Rolex for men (Rolex ที่เหมาะกับผู้ชาย, which is the term in Thai). The iconic luxurious watches boast of timeless aura and can be worn throughout the day. Most of the brand’s timepieces are celebrated for their versatility. One can wear them with formal and informal attire both with sheer elegance. However, the brand’s diverse catalogue produces a vast assortment of different design models for various environments and uses.

But when styling Rolex watches, you might have to keep a few style-expert suggested tips in mind. 

Formal Rolex Timepieces

The Rolex Cellini is the brand’s only dedicated line of dress timepieces. However, that doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t be able to style other Rolex timepieces with formal outfits. Most of the popular Rolex watches can be worn in all types of setting including formal settings. 

Furthermore, despite conventional formal dress norms demand for traditional watch designs, you can always take the opposite route and make a bold statement by styling them with your formal attire.

Rolex Timepieces For Men: What To Wear With Formal Outfits?

Any timepiece from the iconic Cellini collection is a perfect solution when you want to style a Rolex watch with your conventional formal outfit. Any watch from Rolex’s Cellini Collection is a go-getter for black-tie occasions. Similarly, the specially designed iconic sports watches meant for automotive racing and scuba diving was made to b worn with tuxedos and suits. 

Remember to match your watch with your attire when pairing them with your formal outfit. For instance, if you are teaming up a pair of black shoes and accessorizing your outfit with a black belt, make sure the watch strap is black too. 

What Other Watches Can You Wear On Black-Tie Occasions?

For something dressier, you can go with the brand’ Classic models. They are sufficient refined and an amazing alternative that you can wear at black-tie events. The timepieces offer excellent versatility, owing to the metal bracelet. But the traditional design makes it an ideal solution for formal attires.

Semi-Formal Men’s Rolex Watches

The semi-formal events are an impressive scope where you can wear a luxurious Rolex model but one that isn’t dressier and has a formal touch to it. Dress according to the watch that you wearing at the event. Go for a special semi-formal Rolex timepiece like Datejust. 

Models like Datejust can complement all types of attire. However, if you are determined on looking overtly conventional then a timeless Rolex timepiece is the best compared to the basic sports timepieces in stainless steel.

Everything can determine how your Rolex watch looks on your wrist; including its size, case shape, and strap fit. It doesn’t matter for which event you want to wear the Rolex, make sure it fits your wrist appropriately without sitting on it too tightly or hanging loose.

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