Technology Helps To Keep The Record In Stocks

Technology Helps To Keep The Record In Stocks

Inventory management plays an important role in business dealings as he keeps a track of the stock of the goods keeping in mind the needs of the customer. As too much stock leads to a loss in the cash so it has to have some limitation that profit must be there. So if there is a shortage in the storage then inventory management must look into it. Free inventory stock excel application must be there to keep on all the records of stock.

They also manage money by not showing enough stock they have, they just spread the stock in different locations. So when there is any demand for any product the inventory management brings it from other locations to meet up the demands. Customers also get felt happy when they got their products on time.

Free inventory stock excel application (โปรแกรมสต๊อกสินค้า excel ฟรี, which is the term in Thai) is maintained by the inventory management the stock receipt, picking, packing and shipping. So this is done in a Microsoft excel sheet to make the calculations in total. 

Now restaurants also maintain their free inventory stock excel application to arrange their foods like meat, vegetables, dairies, fish, and desserts and list the cost in that sheet, so it will be easy for them to do the calculations at the end of the month that how much stock is needed.

If there was an accident in a house like a fire or a burglary then this excel sheet will make the easy job for everyone as you can enlist what are the belongings that got lost or being damaged so listing those will help you to claim the insurance.

So when you are starting a business need to check stocks so to manage the product so that it must not get wasted.

Now everything can be managed through apps, as there are many grocery apps that if any customer wants to buy anything then inventory management will check stock (เช็ค สต๊อก, term in Thai) then sell it to the customer. If the product is out of stock they will update it in the app. So online sellers have a stock management system that keeps an eye on the bills, delivers the product on time, and also checks stock as to how many items are left. For any product which is most demanding they keep a good amount of them so that customers feel happy seeing the availability.

So everyone needs to update themselves in this era of technology as it is fast and takes less time to check your stock in the business.

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