How To Make Your CCTV Camera In Singapore Vandal And Tamper Proof

Many properties install CCTV systems in Singapore for increased protection and security. They install these cameras outside. However, being outdoors means being vulnerable to tampering and vandalism. And when your camera breaks, it cannot perform its primary function.

Here are some tips for protecting your CCTV camera in Singapore:

  1. Hide your camera

Hoodlums cannot destroy your CCTV installation in Singapore when you hide them from plain sight. You can put them in the shadows, nooks, and crannies. You can also buy a fake birdhouse to hide the camera.

  1. High places

You can also install them in high places where people and animals can’t reach them. However, there are a few things to consider before doing so. Firstly, faces and plate numbers will look smaller when the CCTV camera is high. They are also prone to lightning strikes. You can ask your CCTV surveillance company for the ideal elevation height for mounted cameras.

  1. Cages

Some people build a locked cage around the camera that protects the camera from physical destruction, such as smashing and hitting. The cage could not cover the camera from spray paint. However, you need to dismantle this cage when relocating your CCTV surveillance cameras in Singapore.

  1. Go wireless

Generally, there are no cables to cut when your CCTV in Singapore is wireless. Wireless CCTV cameras are one of the safest and tamper-proof surveillance cameras on the market. It is a wise decision to invest in wireless CCTVs.

  1. Use fake cameras

Fake cameras can deter criminals from doing terrible things on your property. It also misdirects hoodlums from the real cameras. People will feel assured after destroying the CCTV surveillance in Singapore, not knowing these are fake and the real ones continue to film their movements.

Catch hoodlums red-handed by learning how to keep your CCTV installation in Singapore from possible tampering and vandalism.

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