Self-Storage FAQs: What Items Are Prohibited In My Self Storage Unit In Singapore?

Many storage solutions in Singapore are offered and accessible by citizens nowadays. These storage units function for self-storing, extra space for home furniture, or office storage. Storage solutions come in handy for moving in or out, renovation, or needing extra space.

To help save your time and energy, here’s your guide list for things you shouldn’t put inside your self storage unit in Singapore.


Never store your food and perishables in your storage unit. Expired foods may result in insects, mould, and pests, which may cause an unpleasant odour inside.

Living animals and plants

If you’re planning to get a storage space for rent in Singapore, never include your pets and plants. It is a terrible idea. You may have an animal organisation shelter your pets in the meantime, but don’t place them inside your unit. The same goes for plants. The plants’ soil won’t attract moisture and sunlight, which will eventually cause them to die.Hazardous materials

Hazardous materials are strictly prohibited in your self storage unit in Singapore. Some of the frequent dangerous items people place inside are gasoline, propane, oil, grease, chemicals, cleaners, acetone, chlorine bleach, and house paint materials.

Scented and wet items

Avoid storing scented and wet items, such as incense, liquid soaps, candles, perfumes. These items can create mildew when it lacks moisture.

Weapons and explosives

It’s a general rule for all storage solutions companies in Singapore. Any gun types or weapons, katanas, ammunition, and fireworks are strictly prohibited.

Irreplaceable personal items

Never ever store your documents or other personal items in your self storage unit in Singapore. Money, jewellery, and family photos shouldn’t be inside, too. Take note.

These are only a few things compared to the list of things you can store inside your self-storage unit. There are many trusty cheap storage space rentals in Singapore. Ensure to check all available units and companies to have many options.

If you’re still unsure about other items prohibited in your self-storage unit in Singapore, you may consult Self-Store regarding your concerns and enquiries.

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