5 Easy Ways To Improve The Security Of Your Home

Even though the country has one of the world’s lowest crime rates and a great security system in Singapore, that does not mean you are safe 100{0633069f2d0def24228071e522c0175ad5a4141378bb4080ad10840e04a36c30} at home.

To guarantee your safety, including the rest of your family members, you need to increase your home security, in addition to the security measures your living environment provides.

Listed below are the things you can do to strengthen your home’s security.

1. Display A Decal Decoy

If you cannot afford to hire security services in Singapore, consider displaying a decal decoy because a simple bluff can sometimes be enough to fool burglars.

This trick starts by placing a sticker on your front door with the following text:

  • WARNING: Protected by security services 24/7

2. Invest In An Intercom System

Instead of opening the door when someone knocks, use an intercom system in Singapore to see who is knocking. With this, you can guarantee that you would welcome someone you know who will not hurt you.

3. Install A CCTV

You can also improve your home security by installing a CCTV system and scheduling routine maintenance in Singapore to keep it in good working order. Doing both ensures that you can monitor your home without a problem.

4. Place A Smart Outdoor Lighting

Since burglars often sneak in at night, your CCTV camera might not be able to detect them. That is when your smart outdoor lighting comes in. This item automatically turns on when it detects a physical presence nearby.

5. Get An Auto Gate

An auto gate in Singapore, on the other hand, helps you open and close the gate in your driveway without physically doing it.  All you need to do is push the button once you are nearby.

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