Sprained Ankle And Immediate Procedures

Sprained Ankle And Immediate Procedures

Sprained ankles are an often occurring ailment amongst many individuals, especially sportsmen, dancers, etc. They have to be treated immediately with proper medical procedures. Let us understand what exactly happens when an ankle is sprained and how to treat it. Read more detail (อ่านเพิ่มเติม, which is the term in Thai) here.

What Is A ‘Sprain’?

Ligaments are fibrous tissue connecting bones and joints in our body. A sprain occurs when the ligament is stretched more than it is supposed to be or even torn in some cases. A sprained ankle is when the ankle twists or rolls suddenly in an uncomfortable way. It happens when an individual tries to take a step, but the brain doesn’t respond that quickly.

What Are The Risks Associated?

Risks That Are Associated With An Ankle Sprain Are As Follows:

Ankle Pain

A sprained ankle may hurt a lot, and the pain can be chronic in nature if not treated on time. Many people face ankle pain at certain instances even after the sprained ankle is treated.

Ankle Joint Arthritis

Arthritis is a significant risk associated with ankle sprains.

Instability In The Ankle Joint

People suffering from an ankle sprain can even have chronic instability in their ankle joints. They have to take a lot of care and wear proper footwear to avoid accidents.

How To Prevent And Take Care Of A Sprained Ankle?

A sprained ankle is not to be moved at all, and one has to hold or place it carefully until medical help is available. In many cases, self-care is enough but see your doctor if you feel the pain for a long time. In order to prevent an ankle sprain, one must make sure the floor they walk on is dry and even. People who exercise or dance are advised to warm up prior to the activity.

Can A Sprained Ankle Be Chronic?

As stated above, sprained ankles can be chronic in nature. The patients who suffer from this chronic pain are more likely to be in accidents or sudden trip and fall situations. Medical procedures may help reduce the pain and complications in the case of chronic sprains. Proper care is advised.

Ankle sprains can be a health hazard in case of uneven floor surfaces, wet floors, etc., especially for people who play sports or engage in activities like dance or may have suffered any prior injuries.

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