Subjects That Play A Significant Role In Determining A Doctor’s Score In Exams? 

Subjects That Play A Significant Role In Determining A Doctor's Score In Exams

A medical career is one of the careers in the world that is considered a very rigorous course because of its course and length. Becoming a doctor is not an easy task; it requires hard work patience and is a long journey. The journey of being a doctor starts with writing a medical ability test that determines the entrance into the field. The students who pass the medical examination flourish in the medical journey, and applicants who don’t usually drop out. 

One major determining factor in the trip is what scores does the doctor use for exams (สอบ หมอ ใช้ คะแนน อะไร บ้าง, which is the term in Thai), as the marks play a significant role in determining their field of expertise. The scores marked on different subjects play an important role in determining students’ scores and their positions among the rest students, and some of the topics that decide their scores are as follows. 

Aptitude Test

An aptitude test is the most common subject that is essential in determining a student’s intelligence in nearly all competitive examinations. The aptitude test plays a significant role in medical analysis, and its subparts include mathematical knowledge, which defines the student’s intelligence. 

The other point is the ethics exam that sees how much a student is aware of the ethics involved in medical practice. The ethics paper can be considered complex because of what scores does the doctor use for exams in the most challenging subpart aptitude test. It involves real-life problems that test a person’s logical reasoning about situations. 


The English subpart of the medical examinations determines the English proficiency of the student in the subject. There are multiple tests available that the student can take, and the results can be presented in the medical examination. The student can apply the English scores of these examinations for different medical tests, and based on these scores, and marks are recorded. Some English tests are speed tests that mark students on their basic grammar and vocabulary skills. 

Other Tests

The medical examinations involve multiple tests like social studies, science, language test, mathematics, etc. Scores on these subjects are calculated together, and then what scores the doctor uses for exams are determined through these results. The results of these subjects play a significant role in determining students’ scores in the examination. 

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