Is It Worth Buying A Rolex Air-King In 2022?

Is It Worth Buying A Rolex Air-King In 2022?

You probably know about Rolex since you are a watch collector. There are many people who collect Rolex watches. It has been producing high-quality watches for many decades.

Rolex air king watch is one of its most popular models. Originally designed for pilots, this watch has evolved into a very popular watch. Not always though. In addition to its budget-friendly price and timeless appeal, the Rolex Air-King is also well-liked by watch collectors.

This is the right place for you if you wish to purchase this Rolex model. Our guide will provide you with essential information about the Air-King. From there, you can decide if it’s a good investment.

Air-King Characteristics

  • This Style Of Rolex Watch Is Available In Just One Model

Hans Wilsdorf, the founder of Rolex, did not expect rolex air king watch would remain popular for long.

  • New Technology From Air-King Is Anti-Magnetic

It is the 116900 Air-King, the latest model. This timepiece is equipped with an anti-magnetic shield inside.

In terms of case and bracelet, the Air-King and Milgauss models are similar. Scientists and pilots can use both models since they are anti-magnetic.

  • Reimagined And Reborn In 2016 Was The Air-King

Following a few years of discontinuation, the Air-King reference 116900 was reintroduced in 2016 and is now known as model 116900. A 34 mm case originally came with Rolex Air-King watches. There’s no 42 mm case on this ref. 1169000(Air King).

  • A Rolex Timepiece That Is Affordable

As A high-quality Rolex watch at a reasonable price. That is the Air-King. 

It is possible to purchase discontinued watches from licensed watch vendors if you prefer them. According to a timepiece’s design and style, a watch collector can offer you a moderately priced model.

Putting It All Into Words

As the oldest and most popular Rolex model, the rolex air king is still selling today. The Air-King ref. 116900 In 2016, Air-King ref. 116900 made a fancy and upgraded comeback, despite being discontinued in 2014. 

Most watch collectors will find this to be an excellent investment. While Air King discontinued it in 2014, it is still possible to refer. The number 116900 returned in 2016 with an upgraded and fancier design. 

The watch was not only a favorite of watch collectors but also fashion lovers since it looks good with a wide variety of outfits. This Air-King model is a good investment for those who are watch collectors or fashion lovers. 

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