Knowledge Of Logistics Centres – Explaining In Detail

Knowledge Of Logistics Centres- Explaining In Detail

If you are into an online business or a retailer, then it is indeed important for you to optimize all the logistics operations day by day. It is so crucial to meet the expectations of the customers with fast shipping and enhances competition as well. We can get more info below. 

Here, logistics centers play a very vital role as it is helpful to determine the distribution of the inventory while fulfilling orders. 

In this article, we are going to explore logistics with its different types to grab more info (ข้อมูลเพิ่มเติม, which is the term in Thai). Most retailers choose to tie up with fulfillment companies that have an extensive distribution network.

What Do You Mean By Logistics Centers?

Simply put, these are the warehouses that proffer brands with enough storage space and in other cases, some extra logistics services. It is so common for such centers to provide more locations across a single network. 

It enables online brands in distributing all inventories in a strategic way across some different locations such as streamlining the packing as well as picking process, and having some finished goods shipped to some other locations or to an end user. 

Have a look at the different logistics centers to get more info. 

Various Types Of Logistics Centers

It is indeed true that all logistics are neither same nor equal. There is various sort of logistics centers that proffer numerous capabilities, ranging from warehousing services to that fulfilling orders. 

It is better to comprehend your needs first, then choose the type of logistics center for storing goods or build a network of it. If you’re an E-commerce agent, then here are some logistics center types as given below.

1. Fulfilment Centers:

These are physical locations as managed by 3PL (Third-party Logistics) providers to store inventory as well as fulfilling orders. 

2. Distribution Centers:

The term can be used for fulfilment centres but some distribution centers do not offer the service of fulfilment to online brands. These are the transit hubs as designed for finished goods and you can get more info about the same here.

3. On-Demand Warehouse:

It proffers E-commerce businesses with the ability to store & have all orders fulfilled by 3PL temporarily that have more storage space.

4. Dark Stores:

It is a kind of retail store with an organized layout, optimized in a way to fulfill online orders for retailing purposes. Often, it serves locally, like in urban areas.

Final Words

With keeping in mind all the different logistics centers, choose the one that fits the best for fulfilling your orders on time. Fast and steady delivery leads to success and can be possible through good logistics. 

Once you know what kind of facility you need, the next step is knowing how to run that facility to its highest potential. Check out the infographic below for tips on optimizing your facility!

liquid filling machine

Infographic provided by PACK’R, a liquid filling machine company

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