What To Know About The Difference Between Indoor & Outdoor CCTV

Are you looking for a CCTV or office door access system CCTV systems remain one of the requisites for residential and commercial security. It often excels as a deterrent for criminal activities and prevents unwanted break-ins from the public and private sectors. From airports to malls and condos, security systems remain relative equipment for safeguarding premises.

Unlike investing in an access control system in Singapore, CCTV systems are often divided into two types, mainly for outdoor and indoor use. Sometimes the differences between these two can cause confusion when choosing CCTV equipment.

Here are the differences between outdoor and indoor CCTV.


  • Indoor CCTV – does not need a fixed spot
  • Outdoor CCTV – permanent installation

When it comes to installation, things become more apparent between the two. Most outdoor CCTV systems are permanently placed or mounted, while indoors do not have to be placed in fixed spots. Indoors can be wireless as well. Nevertheless, it’s advisable for companies to hire CCTV installation in Singapore to avoid problems.


  • Indoor CCTV – small in size
  • Outdoor CCTV – much larger and bulkier in size

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to tell the difference between the two CCTV systems is its size and appearance. Almost every outdoor CCTV system in Singapore is designed to appear greater relative in size compared to its indoor variants. The reason for its increased size is its design to withstand harsh weather conditions, from strong winds to the scorching heat of summer.

Light level

  • Indoor CCTV – able to use low-light well
  • Outdoor CCTV – able to adapt better in low-light situations with tampering

The light level between the two is often one of the most complicated ones as both seem able to operate under low-light levels. Both also require infrared LEDs to capture images to enhance their low-light capability. However, outdoors may seem slightly better in performing under low-light situations with proper configuration. Nevertheless, it’s advisable to ask the manufacturer about further specifications for low-light performance.

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